Snapshots - Catch Me, I'm Falling

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created by Emily Jackman and Travis Hall

…and release! Tumbling through the air, weightless, she was as close to true flight as anyone could ever
hope to achieve. No harness to slow her arc, she reveled in the moment. The air caught the fabric at her
shoulders, lightly, and wings made of gossamer webs flared behind her.

Tonight the creak of the rigging would be washed away by the roar of the crowd but that made no difference
to her. She never heard anything during these precious seconds of freedom, of untainted joy. The jealousies
and petty quarrels, the choices and expectations and boring routines were left behind at the platform.

Then she straightened, reaching for the sure safety of his hands as gravity drew her back into its stern
embrace. One heartbeat. Two. By three he'd be there.

Four. Panic turned her words to a scream, leaving her last, desperate plea unvoiced…

A murder mystery for 18 circus artists.

Lead ST

Travis Hall

Game Type

Circus Murder Mystery

Number of players

18 players

Game Length

3 hours


System Light

Session Details


Saturday, 12 August 2017, 6:30pm to 9:30pm


Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street,
Abbotsford VIC 3067
(Room: The Salon)


$5, to be paid on the night


Each character is represented by a promotional poster, available as a set in PDF format. Please download and view the posters before requesting a character. (The posters will tell you far more about the characters than the character list will.)

download character posters

Character bookings may be made by sending a message to Travis, or via the forthcoming event page on Facebook. If you wish assistance choosing a character, please just ask Travis. Character availability will be updated as character requests are approved, on a first-come-first-served basis. (Consider sending a short list of preferred characters, in case someone slips in a message ahead of you.) Please do not request a character until you have committed to coming to the game!

Character Sex Specialty Act Player
Alice Taylor flying trapeze Kunoichi
Bethany Summer acrobatics Astarlia
Caitlin Chin dance trapeze ZombieRant
Daniel Higgs straps Ben Taylor
Dominic Richards stilts LordTomyh
Ellen Telyanin cloudswing cyclonecasey
Ethan Telyanin bungee trapeze Gpbrent
Gwen Palmer tissu Doriima
Hannah Riordan fire twirling Jebdarsh
Jeremy Telyanin trampoline Kyle
John Perrett acrobalance Weresock
Lily Gardner tightwire Natasha Shelvey
Luke Conolly risley Reynardo
Maria Conolly (nee Rossi) risley KoulaK
Matthew Mills flying trapeze Adrian Melchiori
Nigel Telyanin physical comedy and drama Dorian
Ophelia Seymour juggling Delirieuse
Paul Morris juggling NickArgall
Susan Michaels physical comedy Tamara Wright