Snapshots - Cycle of the Hydra

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created by Aaron Fenwick

Professor Michael Cale
Cale Observatory
Kitt Peak

Dear Miss Carson,

You are caudally invited to an evening of intellectual discussion and revelation at my personal home and
Observatory. I am inviting a small number of bright individuals to share in my latest discovery in the field
of planetary observation and dynamics. Lodging and meals will be provided as well as transportation from
Tucson. It is imperative that you arrive in Tucson on the day of August 21 so you can be collected to attend
the evening of the 22nd.

I do hope you can attend, the occasion proves to be an opportunity to take an extraordinary glimpse into
the secrets of our universe on the occasion of the close passing of the planet Mars to our own world. Please
RSVP in writing so my assistant Walter can make suitable arrangements.

Yours sincerely
Professor Michael Cale
20th of July 1924

Lead ST

Aaron Fenwick

Game Type

Cthulhu Horror

Number of players

8 x 2 sessions (16)

Game Length

3 hours x 2 sessions


System Light

Character List

Please message or email me with character requests and any other queries
fnord at ihug dot com dot au

Player 15th July
Player 29th July
Professor Michael Cale Astronomer and esoteric scientist Travis Hall Lisa Preseley
Ella Carson Private investigator/freelance writer Natasha Shelvey Tole Canal
John Silvers Alienist Adrian Melchiori Dylan Marshall
Julia Moore Psychic/clairvoyant Lukas McNamara Casey Snell
Ruprict Shrek German Occultist Paul Stephenson Jonathan Strugnell
Julian Orne Financier and accountant Cameron Stone Adam Raymond
Oliver Bale Raconteur, Dilettante Ben Taylor Andrew Clarke
Samantha Macdonald Surrealist artist Wendy OConnell Belle McQuattie