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created by Caroline Murphy

In the seventh year of the rule of the king in Akhetaten - life, prosperity and health to him! - before sunrise
will go riding in a golden chariot, like the Aten when it rises and sheds over the land it's pleasant gifts,
down the road that ends at 'The City of Delight of the Aten'. As the Aten rises, the royal family shall appear
at the Window of Appearances to give thanks to the rising king-god, the Aten.

A proper and complete sacrifice will then be offered on that day in the Great Temple of the Aten, to the living
god, who will receive the thanks of the love of the royal counterpart, the Pharaoh Akenaten and his beloved Queen
Nefertiti. Thereupon the king will go up the River towards the mountain to the south-east of the city of Akhetaten
at the place where the Aten rises each morning, to give thanks to his father, the god-king Aten.

Then the royal court is summoned to appear at the Royal Palace for the Coronation of Akenaten, over whom the
sun-god shines. You are requested to attend the Coronation, beginning at midnight with a feast to celebrate the
new Pharaoh and his family, may they live forever under the life-giving breath of the Aten, then the lavish
ceremony at dawn.

May the beams of the Sun's disc shine over you in a pure life, so as to make your body young, every day.

Game Background

Link to Game Background Information

Lead ST

Caroline Murphy

Game Type

Egyptian Mage

Number of players

19 players

Game Length

3 hours


Mage - System Light

Session Details


Saturday, 09 September 2017, 1pm-4pm


Brunswick Scout Hall
213A Weston Street
VIC 3057


$5, to be paid on the night

Character List

Contact Caroline at to book a character. We suggest writing in with your 1st and 2nd preference to ensure you get a character you would like to play.

Meryra High Priest of the Aten, In the house of Aten at Akhetaten Male Tania
Ramose Chief of the Whole Cavalry of His Majesty Male Ben
Iabka Female Servant of the Goddess Hathor Female Lisa
Mahu Overseer of the Medjay of Akhetaten Male Dylan
Tinro Royal Wet Nurse Female Desany
Nebet Female Overseer of the Royal House Female Gillian
Kiya Great Favourite of the Lady of the Two Lands Female Tash
Pentu Chief of Physicians Male Julian
Parennefer The King’s Cupbearer Male Darren
Suty Fan Bearer at the King’s Right Hand Male Polly
Apy True of Voice, Head of Administration Male Dankia
Panhesy Overseer of the Storehouse of the Aten Male Andrew
Peseshet Lady Overseer of Lady Physicians Female Laura
Mutef-Pa-Ra Dwarf of Akhetaten Male Lukas
Sutau Treasurer of the King Male Aaron
Nakhtpaaten Overseer of the Works Male Geoffrey
Ptahmay * Servant of the God Shu Male Adrian
Tuy * Female Servant of the Goddess Tefnut Female Flick
Hotepy Itinerant Female Troupe Dancer Female Casey

* Twins. If you wish to play one of the twins, please arrange a partner who you work together well with to play the other twin in advance. Please send in your emails asking for the character with reference to your partner, so the other twin can be earmarked until both emails are received. Thank you!