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created by Fi McConachie

An old man is dead. The world stops to mourn his passing.
He helped build an empire of trade and power.

A young man is dead. His body lost to the sea and none mark his passing.
The chains of love dragged him beneath.

A woman has been hunting. At last her prey is in her grasp.
He will not escape justice again.

A man sits in a room far away. He examines the chess board.
The pieces are in place and he awaits the outcome.

A woman holds a party on a swift schooner. The Princess’s Pleasure awaits your company.
As you board, the ship sets sail and thus the adventure begins.

Action, Romance, Revenge, Power, Love, Lust, Greed, Honour and Faith
Will you be there?

A 7th Sea based freeform for 17 brave souls for whom heroism is a way of life.

Lead ST

Fi McConachie

Game Type

7th Sea - A suitable mix of melodrama and levity

Number of players

18 players

Game Length

3 hours


7th Sea - System Light

Background Information

This document contains the general world background information for 7th Sea
File:Introduction to Theah latest.pdf

Character List

Please message or email me with character requests and any other queries
teknohippim at gmail dot com

Seiglinda Frey Vendle Successful Vendle Trader F Booked
Rafael Del Santos Castillian Poet and Musician M Booked
Hans Olafson Vendle Captain of the Princess’s Pleasure M Booked
Chewbaskie Ussura 1st Mate of the Princess’s Pleasure M Booked
Nikoli Goskie Ussura Mysterious Traveler M Booked
Lord Richard Hastings Avalon Well Respected Noble Lord M Booked
Belinda Richards Avalon Montaigne Swordswoman with Lord Richard F Booked
Evangeline du Galle Montaigne Newly Arrived Montaigne Merchant F Booked
Jon Hosemann Vendle Successful Vendle Trader M
Yousef al’farik Crescent Foreign Scholar M Booked
Catriona Bianca Vodacce Young Lady travelling with Rochelle F Booked
Rochelle de Lopez Castillian Young Lady travelling with Catriona F Booked
Karl Dorfman Eisen Newly Arrived Eisen Merchant M
Tessa Castillian Swordswoman Travelling with Karl Dorfman F Booked
Veronica Dubois du Arrent Montaigne Noble Knight of the Rose and Cross F
Jose Rios de Vasquez Castillian Priest and Scholar M Booked
Maddy Montaigne War Orphan and Now Cabinboy M Booked
Ralf Gunter Eisen Inn Keeper from Freiberg M Booked