The Lady's Sigil

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The Lady's Sigil

An 11 Session Pathfinder Chronicle set in the Planescape campaign setting.

The City of Sigil is known by many names: The Cage, the City of Doors, the Eternal City. Within its labyrinthine street every door way, window or arch may be a portal to another world, reality or plane. It is protected by the mysterious Lady of Pain who bars even divine Powers from the city and maintains its status as neutral ground. From this base the factions of the city reach forth throughout the infinite realms to fashion reality and brave adventurers travel to places undreamed of in search of wealth and fame.

Each session of the Chronicle will begin with a 2 hour free form during which time the PCs may interact with each other, select a mission for the second part of the session and a party to complete it, resolve downtime and shopping or interact with the city of Sigil and its NPCs.

There will then be a 1 hour meal break followed by the second part of the session which will be run as a 3 hour tabletop game using selected material the following Pathfinder source books:
Pathfinder Core Rules
Advanced Players Guide
Advanced Race Guide
Ultimate Equipment Guide
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Magic
Bestiaries 1, 2, 3 and 4

The Lady's Sigil is planned to run once a month starting with a character creation session in February 2016. Numbers will be restricted to 5x the number of GMs.

Storytellers (GMs):
Rhys Pritchard, Aaron Fenwick, Lukas McNamara, Andrew Clarke, Sean Murphy and Nigel Williams.


The City
The Outlands


Character Creation
Unused & Altered Rules
Downtime Rules


Major NPCs
Player Characters
Playable and often occurring NPCs
The Dead Book