The Retirement Home for SuperS

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Welcome to the Claremont Villa - a Retirement Home for SuperhumanS

The Woman of Tomorrow is dead.
Beatrice Faraday, once known as Cosmos, saved the world too many times to count. The official report is she passed quietly in her sleep. Terribly sad, had a good run, and is survived by a nephew and her corgi. While the nation mourns and the state funeral plays on the television, the Claremont Retirement Villa is holding its own private wake. Beatrice was one of the oldest residents, and her friends and foes have gathered to remember her…
and avenge her…
and solve one last mystery...

Who was the Woman of Tomorrow?

The Setting

The Claremont Villa has been sensibly designed to protect the residents and the outside world from each other. Residents can go outside, as long as they are accompanied by staff or family. They are not prisoners. This is just the only place that seems to understand them, in a world that has moved on.

The staff are ordinary humans, who aren’t phased by superpowered temper tantrums.

Residents have their own room and are engaged in a curriculum of activities designed to keep them from getting bored. Bridge, bingo and bowls. Yoga and slow dancing. French, watercolours and Martian philosophy. It's a nice place.
The food could be better though.

The tone of the game is light hearted, slightly humorous, with over the top comic book tropes meeting the regret of mortality.

The Residents

Characters are elderly ex-super heroes and villains, who have been supplanted by the younger generation of supers. Old and mostly forgotten by the world they once fought over they have retreated to a place where everyone knows their name and doesn't ask "Doctor...who?"
Players may design their own characters. This game is a homage to the Golden Age of Comics - characters should be made in the DC style of concept before power.

When creating a character, you need to work out:

Code name:
Super ability:
Foibles of age:

Foibles allow for the passing of time. The World's Greatest Intellect may have a terrible memory, The Speedster is now in a walking frame. Time catches up with us all.

Please send your characters to

The Mechanics

Everyone will start with a Story token. You may use this token to channel the Power of the Writer, telling a story to:
- alter the scene as if you were a GM
- use your superpower
- cancel another player's use of their token
Story tokens can be gained by telling the group a story about Cosmos and your encounters with her.


Laura Wilkinson
Currently looking for additional stouthearted adventurer-types to assist with this game!


Cosmos, the Woman of Tomorrow
Comet, the Corgi of the Woman of Tomorrow
Chris Faraday, the Nephew of the Woman of Tomorrow
Assorted residential staff

The New Generation
(coming soon)