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This page contains links that members may find useful.

Gaming Conventions in Australia
Conquest Easter Long Weekend
Phenomenon Queens Birthday June in Canberra
Pax Aus Melbourne November

Roleplaying Stores
Drive Thru RPG - Online store that sells pretty much everything in pdf
Mindgames - in Melbourne

General RPG Information
White Wolf - The website for White Wolf, the company that created the World of Darkness RPG products.
WoDIndex - An excellent list of every new World of Darkness merit, power, supernatural type and more.
Classic World of Darkness Wiki - An excellent wiki for reading about old World of Darkness.
Firefly - a nice little site that has a bunch of background information, tv and movie bits
Legend of the 5 Rings
L5R - a useful wiki site for setting, clan and character information in the standard AEG L5R world
7th sea Second Edition Information

General Resources
Seventh Sanctum - Random name generators for when you are stuck coming up with a good name.