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World of Darkness (2009): Lucas Matthews & Kaden Westphalen
Firefly (2012): Caleb Washington
Cadwallon (2012): Andros the Marquis of Mutts
Houses of the Blooded (2012): Taj Vanurssan
World of Darkness (2013): "Lullaby"
Vampire: The Masquerade (2013): Goran Vasic
Imperium Bel Canto (2013): Titus Cato
7th Sea (2013): Rocco Del Rosso
Generation X: Tomorrow's Heroes (2014): Condor
The Obsidian Council: Mirimoto Yoshiro
Game of Thrones: A Dance of Roses (2015): Maester Reuben
Laundry Files: Lewis Coleville
The Oni's Smile: Mikah-X
Pathfinder: The Lady's Sigil (2016): Malleon: the Eclipse
7th Sea: A Great Star Falls (2016): Fen
Mage 20th: Ascension Training (2016): Kier Dawnwatcher
Snapshots: Cycle of the Hydra (2017): Ruprecht
Snapshots: Per Ray Weben (2017):

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