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A multi-chapter chronicle set in a variant of the Vampire the Masquerade world.
Sessions: Monthly on a Friday evening.
Location: Brunswick West Scout Hall (unless otherwise notified)

Vampire: Sangfroid will run as a large freeform using a modified system based on Vampire: the Masquerade and Vampire: the Requiem. Adjustments to the system are intended to make it more equitable, freeform friendly and suited to the altered setting.

Chapter 1: Terra Obscura
The game will involve the competition of several Covenants including the Invictus, the Carthians and the Lancea Sanctum. It is an introduction to the altered setting for both old and new players and is intended as a lead-in to further chapters.

The following themes will be focused on in the game:
Horror (through mystery, uncertainty and loss of self)

Start date: 6/10/17 (Character creation: 29/9/17)

  • When contacting ST's with questions outside of session please include all ST team members using the ST email Caligovmpsts at (please ensure it is a written communication)
  • Please keep all communications with other players and with the STs polite and respectful as per the code of conduct
  • No character sheet, no play
  • Please remember that as an historic setting there will be different societal responses to racism, sexism etc. As an over 18 club in this game it is possible that we will deal with some confronting issues (especially as this is a game where personal horror is a major theme) however they are not intended to be presented in a gratuitous or disrespectful manner. Players will always have the opportunity to remove themselves for the scene.


The following sections outline the historical setting for the game.

Some important notes:

  • All characters must be new arrivals to the city of Melbourne who have arrived between June 1918 and December 1918
  • The first three sessions are in 1919
  • Vampires are fleeing the infection known as the Spanish Influenza which has mutated into a disease which affects them as well as Mortals. Melbourne is rumoured to offer a safe haven.
  • Characters can come from any cultural or ethnic background (Please remember at this time the existence of the White Australia Policy will make it harder for non-United Kingdom, West European or white American characters to gain entry and move freely in mortal society. This piece of historical legislation in no way represents the STs personal views. For those who are interested this link shows the history of migrants from different countries to Victoria: Migrant History
  • There is an existing Vampire Community in Melbourne
  • Many of the inner suburbs of Melbourne are predominantly slums. They are often dangerous places with gangs, violence and corruption
  • Strict Prohibition did not occur in Australia, instead there was highly regulated alcohol trade. Bootleggers were manufactures and sellers of illegal booze
  • There are a number of different sections containing the history for this game
  • The prelude sessions and the main sessions are in different years to allow establishment of the characters within the growing city of Melbourne in the intervening years
  • Certain Clans and Covenant require that a character take a merit to play them.

Events Prior to 1919

The information in these pages provides a start point for players to use, to gain an understanding of the worldwide historical events.
It is likely that elements will deviate from the real world historical record due to actions of players.

Melbourne 1918

This section provides a basic rundown of important events which happened within and around Melbourne as a lead up to 1919
The listed events are common knowledge to residents of the city

Melbourne 1919

Three Prelude Sessions to introduce the newly arrived characters to the city of Melbourne

The Great War is over, but death has not stopped its grim advance.
Through the fields of France, across the plains of America and in the Island fortress that is the United Kingdom a new wave of terror stalks the remaining populations.
An invisible killer, a disease that at first seemed so innocuous strikes out.
This time it is not just the mortal population which suffer.
The Kindred who have always been immune to the frailties of mankind has also fallen afoul of this strange and deadly plague. As the bodies pile up, for many there is no choice but to flee to safer lands.

Australia, the newly minted commonwealth, beckons those who seek escape……but are the tales of this new land too good to be true?

Australia 1923

It is 1923, the memories of Great War are being forced into the background, but new ideology, new technology and new sources of wealth herald a changing society. Unions are gathering strength, the economy is growing and women are gaining more influence, employment and independence. The old ways of Empire are being questioned across the globe and new ideas are beginning to develop as the world seeks to find a better way. As it goes with the Kine, so too with the Kindred. The old ways are being questioned and new political thought is taking hold. The ancient vampiric society, however, is conservative in the extreme and highly resistant to change.

Melbourne 1923

Melbourne prior to the Great War was the Jewel of Australia. Money from the Gold Rush had created the grand architecture that the city has today. Political power, wealth and influence as the city is the current home of the Australian Parliament. Decisions about the direction of the Country are made here, business deals and bargaining occur in private clubs, the cream of antipodean society discuss the latest trends in Europe and cultural pursuits such as opera and art galleries.
But as with any glittering city there are dark sides....slums that see theft and murder, drunken soldiers who want to forget the horror of war and more....the unknown lingers beyond the city limits.


Information to come

Character Creation

All starting characters will be built from an exp allocation at the start of the chronicle. Players will purchase Attributes, Skills, Disciplines, Merits and Flaws etc. from that allocation.

All character sheets must be sent to the ST email address prior to the commencement of the game (or session if you have a new character)







Merits and Flaws

Blood Potency

Status and Prestation

Derived Statistics

Character sheet


This section contains the list of characters both PCs and NPCs that are active in the game.
Feel free to put your character name and create a bio page