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Sangfroid is an ongoing Masquerade/Requiem hybrid game set in 1920s Melbourne, with a focus on intrigue, ideology and personal horror. It will begin with a prequel in 1919, with new arrivals to Melbourne fleeing the Spanish flu, before moving to an ongoing chronicle starting in 1923.
Game Schedule: The game will run monthly, on a Friday night. They will begin at 7pm and typically run until 11pm.
To play, or get more information, contact the Storyteller team at

The Game

Prequel: Terra Obscura

The Great War is over, but death has not stopped its grim advance.
Through the fields of France, across the plains of America and in the Island fortress that is the United Kingdom a new wave of terror stalks the remaining populations.
An invisible killer, a disease that at first seemed so innocuous strikes out.
This time it is not just the mortal population which suffer.
The Kindred who have always been immune to the frailties of mankind has also fallen afoul of this strange and deadly plague. As the bodies pile up, for many there is no choice but to flee to safer lands.
Australia, the newly minted commonwealth, beckons those who seek escape... But are the tales of this new land too good to be true?

Set in 1919, the Prequel is a 3 session game following recent vampiric refugees to Melbourne. Captain Peter Hunter, the Prince of Melbourne, has allowed a number of Kindred into his city. They left their home countries to escape the Spanish Flu, a devastating pandemic that had spread to Kindred as well as Kine.
Player characters must be new arrivals to Melbourne, having arrived within a month, and should come from a country that the Spanish Flu has affected. They will have no territory besides temporary lodgings, no position within mortal Melbourne, and limited belongings. Upon reaching Melbourne, they learn they are not to leave it via land.
The final session of the prequel will be on Friday 8th December.

Chronicle 1: 1923

The 1919 arrivals have established themselves in the city.
Players may continue the same characters they played in the prequel, or begin new ones.
Characters who are introduced in this chronicle do not have to be from a foreign country. If they're from Melbourne, they should be the newly embraced childer of an established PC or NPC.


The Mortal World

Mortal Society
Recent World History
Melbourne Overview
Melbourne Locations
Newspaper Issues

Vampiric Society

History of the Camarilla
Clans - this will include setting info on clans, as well as links to the documents.


Other Rules
Status and Prestation
Blood Potency
Weapons and Armour list 1920s Edition

Character Creation

Character Creation Document
Merits and Flaws
Rules for Ghouls
Disciplines & Powers


List of Characters
Character sheet v1.52
Facebook Group

Out of Character Notes

  • When contacting ST's with questions outside of session please use the ST email, or message all the STs via Facebook Messenger.
  • Please keep all communications with other players and with the STs polite and respectful as per the code of conduct
  • No character sheet, no play. Sheets and basic concept must be submitted to the STs before the game, unless you have been given permission to do so later.
  • Please remember that as an historic setting there will be different societal responses to racism, sexism etc. As an over 18 club in this game it is possible that we will deal with some confronting issues (especially as this is a game where personal horror is a major theme) however they are not intended to be presented in a gratuitous or disrespectful manner. Players will always have the opportunity to remove themselves for the scene.