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It is Melbourne, but not as we know it. Darkness is prevalent, oozing from every nook and cranny of the city.
Hiding in the shadows are a broad range of creatures, hiding from the night...
…vampires, predators of the night, hiding from insane monstrosities once numbered among them…
…dealers and wish fulfillers, hiding from gods themselves…
…wielders of arcane magicks, hiding from the great void that is remorseless and unyielding…
...werewolves, hiding from themselves, fearing their own darker side…
…and who knows what else, cowering from everything…

Back in March 2013 everything changed.
At first it seemed like a normal storm hitting the inner Melbourne Suburbs but it turned into something more. Something of power and hunger. Whatever it was raged through Collingwood, trapping people inside. There was also the small matter the supernatural heavyweights of the city being killed while attending a gathering initiated by Prince Micheal of the Vampires.

The old power structure was turned on it's head and Melbourne became a city where only the very newest members of the supernatural communities remained. Now these survivors have a dilemma, do they break down the existing barriers between their types, barriers which have been put in place with very good reason, do they run and hide and flee from whatever it was that killed their mentors and leaders or do they try to rebuild alone.
Whatever they chose to do it will need to be done carefully as whatever destroyed the powerful players in Melbourne may still be out there...

Rules and Errata

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